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Duan Yingfei and Ding Yan were separated from the others.They agreed to meet in the square early this morning.

If you put this talisman on your body, it can temporarily cover the aura around you.Li Jiuchuan s eyebrows were calm and his heart Collagen Penis Growth was calm.

vmax male enhancement reviews

Jiang Yuebai thought for a while, then said to Sha Yingjie These Hell Ants may have been driven here by someone.Xu Qianjin was so angry that he slapped him on the back of the head, Unfortunate family Xu Qiancheng always He looked disobedient to discipline, but today he bowed his head with a guilty conscience, I just stabbed the wall twice with my sword.

The reincarnation of the Blue Bird Jiang Yuebai was confused.Her hair was pulled up and fixed with a wooden hairpin, exposing her slender neck.

In the future, gay hunk tf penis growth tf animated the Yuanshen will conceive the golden elixir, and the golden elixir will give birth to the Yuanying, which will definitely be stronger than others.Gua Walking to the pond at the mouth of the valley, a frog croaked and Jiang Yuebai turned his head.

Next, I am going maximum rx male enhancement to refine the boiling blood pill. to draw the beast soul talisman, I need more beast souls, the more the merrier.Before that, spiritual roots were one level, and vmax male enhancement reviews root values the big unit male enhancement were another level.

Jiang Yuebai specially put the alchemy furnace that Tai Sui had stayed in in a storage bag, fearing that there would be dirt in it and it would accidentally bring bad luck.The sky burst into a sea of fire, and an unparalleled shock wave swept across thousands of troops.

In fact, he should be the fourth brother. Just because the third sister was a woman and could not be included in the genealogy, they all called Kong Wenrang the third brother to the outside world.The innovation of double heads and scorpion tails is really the finishing touch.

When the time comes to forcefully break through vmax male enhancement reviews the dantian blockade, he can hold on for a while longer.Squeak yah Squeak yah Ahem, Tao Feng said with a blush on his face, I I also had a flying sword back then, but later I sold it because I was short of money.

Zhao Fuyi withdrew his gaze, stabilized his mind, and together with the other five people, injected spiritual energy into the three ancient and mysterious totems on the ground of the square.Did he not know that Jiang Yuebai had been here I want to meet Jiang Yuebai today.

He stepped forward and grabbed Tao Fengnian s sleeve and shook it twice.As a result, the teacher spit out a mouthful of tea and suddenly said that she needed to retreat because her old illness had relapsed.

If you get the remaining two spiritual objects early, you have to do it quickly rather than slowly.Why should Jiang Yuebai, a newbie who has just passed the examination as a spiritual cultivator, come and ask platinum 10 male enhancement pills for cooperation in such a brazen manner Jiang Yuebai met Jia Xiuchun s disdainful eyes and took out the spiritual cultivator s token.

Li Jiuchuan Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews smiled gently, I am not as good as you thought, I insist on going to the lecture hall Teaching, in addition to preaching and teaching, more importantly, Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews I enjoy your respectful gaze, otherwise I will be in panic all day long.Hearing Jiang Yuebai what is the best male sex enhancement pill s firm voice, Hong Tao felt relieved, with some appreciation in his eyes, and handed the baggage in his hand to her.

There are also strangers with green grass growing wildly upon seeing the water, and others with flowers blooming on their noses that attract bees to accompany them.If you still want to build a foundation, be honest Yes, yes, yes, Master Jia and Elder Lin are very kind to me.

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If you encounter anything outside, you can report it to the sect.Yu Qiuchi adjusted the reins of the big eagle, glanced at Jiang Yuebai casually, and nodded slightly to show his greeting At this time, Yu Qiuchi looked past Jiang Yuebai and suddenly smiled.

Also, I don t like the black waters in winter, it s so cold that my little Ganoderma lucidum froze to death Maotu, natural ways to boost penis growth the ninth day of September, the Double Ninth Festival Yesterday, I met the vmax male enhancement reviews seventh level black bear king in the mountains and punched the bear s head off.Wen Miao laughed and shook her head, yawning as she watched Wen Ci and Shi Zhongshan walk out of the meeting hall In this case, the matter has been settled. At that time, Tianyan Sect will support Guiyuan Sword Sect as the leader and lead the major sects to reopen the Cangyan Land.

He is greedy for success when he tastes the benefits.

But this is obviously not a difficult task.As long as his soul exists, it is only a matter of time before he condenses his body and rebuilds his golden core.As soon as Chen Fan thought about it, thousands of clones appeared in an instant and began to vmax male enhancement reviews flee in all directions.

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It s also interesting, they actually gave their group a ridiculous name.It is said that it is the center of the universe and the Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews place where the soul belongs.

It is very strange that a powerful force that can easily kill the Zhang family should value the Zhang family so much.Seeing this, Chen Fan frowned slightly.This person was so cautious.

But Chen what happens if girls take penis enlargement pills Fan didn t think about it, and went back directly Alright, let s go out and have a look.After the foundation building period, he has a certain ability to calculate cause and effect, and his strength depends on his perception.

He didn t understand why Chen Fan would switch back to his old business.I am afraid that the hope of returning to the main world is slim.

These people who were meditating on the spot just watched everyone walking around the big star over and over again, as if they were looking at fools.This sea of stars has completely changed, so it is useless to remember the general layout.

Is Increased Libido A Sign Of Ovulation?

It was a small injury, so Dao couldn t recover now, which is also the reason why Chen Fan dared to attack rashly, otherwise Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews if this person s strength is intact, I m afraid he would just run away without even thinking about it.It was guessed that he was caught and eaten by some monster.

However, this idea was cut off by Chen Fan the moment he was born, and he practiced from scratch, that is to say, he abandoned the bracelet space to practice.Rain is coming Zhou Qian who was sitting cross legged on the jade pillow suddenly uttered, and his response echoed in the space like a deafening thunder.

The lowest level is the ordinary wind, like a blade, with extremely fast speed, it can easily what happens when a girl takes penis enlargment pills shred a piece of hard iron and destroy the naked body of a Jindan cultivator.It is actually not difficult to release spells fifty miles away, basically all monks in the late stage of Nascent Soul can do it, but it is a bit scary to withdraw vmax male enhancement reviews spells from fifty miles away.

The old woman can recognize that Chen Fan is only a monk s cross legged method.Chen Fan took advantage of the situation and asked Do you want to live an ordinary life and live with your father , or do you want to become the supreme being Possess the ability to reach the sky When Chen Fan left with Houtu, Chen globalengage.co.uk Fan had already considered this issue, but after the Houtu completed his transformation, Chen Fan also found that he still had a choice.

The gate of Yaodingzong seemed to be the same as Zhang s.There Foods That Help Penis Growth any real male enhancement are more monks.The power of these six character mantras can be truly manifested when one day masters Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews all the techniques in the world.

While Chen Fan was contemplating, Gu Qing asked with some deep meaning Then do you know why I used this girl to open the World Tree Could it be that the World Tree has some connection with Yiyu Chen Fan was taken aback.Before Xiao Yu and Fenghua died, they looked up at the sky that was about to enter the night, and what was revealed in their eyes was relief without the slightest regret.

When the old man died, Chen Fan also spontaneously participated in the funeral.Judging from the oppressive force of the rules of heaven and earth, it is almost able to resist vmax male enhancement reviews the rising speed.

The shop owner naturally nodded repeatedly and didn t say anything, but his son Houtu Collagen Penis Growth said Senior, what are the disadvantages of this method of restraint Chen Fan also took a deep breath and said, Come in with me, I still want to ask you something.Chapter two hundred and twenty two While Lin Xiang was speaking in the tavern, Chen Fan obviously felt a sense of loss, as if the word bloodbath left an indelible sadness in her heart.

And when Chen Fan appeared, Lin Xiang also let go of his nervousness, and before he could speak, Chen Fan said to Lin Qian again Go, take out your so called secret treasure.They found that these people Red Light Therapy Penis Growth who were still walking began to become illusory a little bit, and even no matter how they shouted, they couldn t Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews see each other s response, as if the two sides were not at all.

She is dressed in a blue shirt and has a beautiful face, which is rare in the world, but her eyes are still calm and indifferent, like Like a poisonous scorpion.But the old man suddenly remembered Chen Fan, turned around quickly, and found that Chen Fan Fan was already standing behind him, and suddenly said a vmax male enhancement reviews little embarrassedly I made you laugh, little brother, Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews there is a little conflict at home At this time, the man and the woman finally noticed Chen Fan standing vmax male enhancement reviews at the does penis enlargement wirk door.

The young man ordered Give me one hundred taels of gold Without any complaints, the young man untied the money bag from his waist and put it directly in front of Chen any real male enhancement Easy Penis Growth Fan, then got back on the horse and raised his whip.Until the last corner rotation was completed, Taoist Wangu s body completely collapsed and turned into a maggot again, and a trembling curse came out from the maggot Damn, don t dare to use it again I ve done this ghost trick, it almost sucked my bones dry, but I ll run away first, the horror is coming As soon as the sound disappeared, the maggots burrowed into the ground again and disappeared without a trace.

Only the big gold clocks are hung under the four corners, which is not very luxurious.What s more, Chen Fan also had a premonition in the battle just now, growing up according to the blood of Houtu, he would definitely soar into the sky any real male enhancement Easy Penis Growth and reach vmax male enhancement reviews the point of being unstoppable.

Not only that, after the ghoul climbed out, swarms of ghouls were ejected from the black hole and fell to the ground in all directions.One hexagram, he said that if our alliance Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews wants to break through the moat, we must find a treasure from a traitor disciple.

Hearing vmax male enhancement reviews this, Chen Fan also looked at Lin Xiang in surprise, and a frosty face suddenly appeared in his heart, how similar they are, However, this memory only lasted for a moment, and was annihilated by Chen Fan s indifferent state of mind, and there was no longer any disturbance.The only advantage is the hard body, which can withstand some powerful attacks, but with the strength of the two , it is impossible to reach the point of threatening oneself, so expanding the body has become a burden instead.

Before he could see it clearly, he was flashed back by a pair of huge palms.The reason why the Xuming Gate does not allow people to go up is because they are afraid that someone will cross the river and tear down the bridge.

He sacrificed himself alive, turned himself into a rule, and guarded the sky of the main world, and his physical body was used as the last barrier to stop all foreign invaders When he said this, Gu Qing looked a little excited and excited , and finally turned into mourning, but Chen Fan also remained silent when he heard the words.Dare to think.At this time, the man in black robe was no longer there, but suddenly another woman with a snake body came from outside the door.

You punched each other and hugged the ground and scuffled.It was true that he Ashwagandha For Penis Growth was rude in the first place.How could he have imagined that Chen Fan could really take out one hundred taels of gold.

And the appearance of this mummy is exactly the same as the stone statue in the ruined temple on the Buxie Mountain Range.This is also the reason why Chen Fan failed to discover him before.

I saw Chen Fan sitting cross legged on the ridge, facing the central mountain, vmax male enhancement reviews and with a thought, stones on the ground flew out one after another, hitting the big formation.And Yanlong s wings trembled, shaking the red mist in the vmax male enhancement reviews entire space, Collagen Penis Growth looking down at this Golden pills.

Shi Qingshan, you will die here today. Shi Yiyun sneered. She hated Shi Qingshan to the bone, and every move was directed at the root, and what she wanted was Red Light Therapy Penis Growth to smash Shi Qingshan s body into male enhancer products thousands of pieces.Spending other people s money, ordering other people s subordinates to come out to show off their power, this is very exciting.

Shi Yiyun spoke slowly. At this time, Luo Xingchen s expression had returned to normal. Since the high level leaders of the Liao Kingdom have guessed it Why do they still cooperate with the Fire Worship Cult Why don t they try their best to get rid of the Fire Worship Cult Luo Xingchen asked suspiciously.Compared with their plight, what are the few verbal disputes against me from outsiders Mother He stared fixedly at her daughter, her eyes gradually turning red.

Then, he asked Yang Yongqing patiently What s different Tell me about it. Yang Yongqing s eyes touched Yang Huaming and the others who were staring at him covetously, and shrank slightly, but still mustered up the courage to speak out his thoughts.Then I heard Mrs. Tan poking Dabai s nose and scolding You naughty son of a bitch, you opened such a big shop but kept how often should i use penis pump for enlargement your mother s food, saying, what did the two of you eat for your mother things You two black hearted Dabai penis enlargement resulys was not in a hurry, facing the old lady s cursing, he still had a smile on his face. Grandma, don t worry, how could Hongmei and I let my mother eat that rotten thing It vmax male enhancement reviews s bird s nest.

Yuwen Kaihui is very cautious. Shen Tubin stuck out his tongue, licked his lips, and his eyes showed fighting intent.So I still have to be more sensible, unless my daughter encounters some uncertain things and takes the initiative Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews to show you the letter for you to read, and wants you to help her with ideas.

Yang Huaming and Yang Huazhou spoke to each other, and every word hit the point, but Yang Huazhong remained silent.Yang Ruoqing followed suit and nodded Yes, my aunt is right. Xiaoduo was chased by these two people from left to right, and her two slender eyebrows were tightly knit together.

Yongbai, I ll call your fifth uncle and the others in the morning, and we ll clean it up for you. Yang Huaming said Collagen Penis Growth while sucking his face.Luo Xingchen still has a lot of things in his heart that he hasn t said. Back then, his mother told him that those girls with both talents and looks can be packaged as idols , which can not only improve their social status, but also earn dozens of times, hundreds of times double the silver.

Yang Yongbai has also been pulled up from the ground by Yang Huaming and Yang Yongjin, and he is sitting on the stone on the other side of the little old Yangtou s grave.As long as you still want to keep in touch with Liu E, at worst, our family will send someone to explain to Liu s house, and this matter will be over, how about it Yang Yongqing s expression loosened a bit.

in the cabin. Zheng Xiong stared at the bowl of dark water in front of him, and was stunned. Is this medicine for any real male enhancement seasickness Zheng Xiong looked up at Ma Fujun. right.Although this topic was temporarily in the main room of Yang Huazhong s house, it was interrupted by Yang Ruoqing.

We must pay attention to evidence in everything. When Mrs. Liu heard these polite questions, she couldn t hold back her temper. Yongqing, what is the situation today, don t vmax male enhancement reviews go around ginseng for penis enlargement in circles, just say what you want Liu said.Yang Ruoqing has a principle, if she is in a good mood when others gossip with her, if she is willing to listen more, then listen more.

Lord Ling, this is already the best tea in our family. Zheng Xiong also took a sip and grinned. Has life in the cottage been sluggish in recent years Ling Rushui asked calmly. It s not just a recession The crops in the fields outside the cottage are all plagued by diseases and insect pests.Then explain it. First of all, that mother Liu is not a good bird. Taking male enhancement chesapeake advantage of her daughter s beauty, she is stuck in her hand as a trump card, and she wants to sell her son a wife for a high price.

When you are hallucinating, your existing five sense organs are deceiving you. Even though there is a cliff in front of you, in your eyes it is a magnificent palace.After thinking so much, Yang Ruoqing s complexion became heavy, and in the eyes of Mrs. Liu beside her, she was assimilated by Mrs.

Everyone also looked at Yang Yongqing. Yang Yongqing shook his head without thinking. It s too dark. It can compete with the black phoenix in our village.Liu thought for a while, It can t be said that Liu s mother made the decision. If that s the case, there were Collagen Penis Growth people who were satisfied with Liu s mother, but Liu E herself was not satisfied.

After the two men Collagen Penis Growth in black got the order, they rushed towards Shi Qingshan together. At this moment, everyone s hearts were in their throats.The eldest son said again. Zheng Er stroked the gray beard on his chin in the past year and a half human growth hormone for men penis and nodded.

He is a master of archery. I was almost killed by his sneak attack. That s their usual move. They use the method of repelling wolves.The penis length enlargement pills matter was settled in this way, Jin and Zhao Liu s mother in law and daughter in law Collagen Penis Growth were cooking, and Yang Yongzhi and Yang Yongqing brothers brought two carpenter friends into the furious work of building vmax male enhancement reviews furniture.

Yang Ruoqing also praised. When Liao Meiying gets Collagen Penis Growth married tomorrow, the Luo family will have to join the party and have a wedding banquet.This is the fingering power of the Persian leader. It s too obvious. This skill Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews vmax male enhancement reviews is unique. This silver ingot is also a token of the Persian leader.

You old bastard, you talk nonsense and want to take advantage of me, I won t argue with you. Old Dugu couldn t fail to see Jiuxian s intentions.You have to come back home, live with your parents, eat and drink together, so that you can satisfy your parents desire to take care of you, and you can also take care of the pasture.

Yang Huazhong smiled, You can send the Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews food to Dad s room later, the old man is really tired these days, if he doesn t eat, his body will any real male enhancement Easy Penis Growth collapse.Gongsunzhi picked up the teacup, took a male sex drive natural enhancers sip of tea, and moistened his throat. Get up, sit down and talk.

Although his face was gloomy and terrifying, Shi Yiyun breathed a sigh of relief. Luo Xingchen s eyes were indeed vicious, and Suzaku s reaction to Master Chu was all within his expectations.

If she likes it, she likes it. If she doesn t like it, she doesn t like it. She never pretends, let alone hypocrisy. My son just likes her Luo Fengtang how often should i use penis pump for enlargement said.Immediately, the matter of Yang Ruolan became a hot vmax male enhancement reviews topic during this busy farming season. Why is the tire slipping after more than seven months A dozen versions were released at one time.

When the big Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews guys have money in their hands, they will plan to send their children to elementary schools.Hearing this, she said without raising her head Well, the purpose of going into the mountain today is to pick these Luo Fengtang raised his eyebrows Oh, then can you tell me, what are the flowers and plants in these baskets used for Yang Ruoqing smiled, pointing to the flowers, plants and vines in the basket Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews one Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews by one, and introduced them to him one by one.

Sun and the others to pick cotton with a bamboo basket. Qing er, you have to be careful, vmax male enhancement reviews don t fall. Mrs. Sun kept telling her, very worried.Xiao Shi stood up and smiled slightly. Yang Ruoqing came over and held Xiao Shi s hand His Royal Highness is right.

Mrs. Liu smiled and waved her hands It s nothing, it s just us women here, no outsiders and no men, just feed yourself Bamei Cao looked ashamed, turned sideways and continued to nurse the daughter in her arms.It seemed as if he had already seen himself holding that pink and tender little person, basking in the sun in the yard.

It s also her good fortune for that girl to meet you, madam Sun said. Both women understood the meaning implied in the words.From her angle, she just happened to see what was propped up inside the trousers. She tensed up all over, shy, sweet and nervous at the same time.

Putting down the comb, ripping off his clothes, bellyband The two groups of snow peaks are all shockingly red During dinner, Mrs. Qian came to deliver the meal as usual. Your father weighed the meat today, and I picked out a few pieces of lean meat and brought it to you.Here, Yang Ruoqing stepped forward to hold Yang Huamei s arm, and went amazing penis enlargements to the door, Cao Bamei and Xiao Yu also came out.

Liu said angrily That dead boy, he didn t come with me, and he didn t talk to me. I went over and pulled him, and his ass seemed to be nailed to the stool, and he couldn t live.Mu Zichuan clapped his palms Brother Fengtang is amazing, he guessed right, it really has something to Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews do with this matter.

I heard that Mr. Yang s father passed away, so I came here to mourn. The burden roll was placed on the table, and when it was disassembled, it really contained a hanging firecracker and a few knives of incense paper.In the morning and at noon, what did Mrs. Qian feed him You know what Mrs. Tan said angrily. Yang Hualin frowned tightly when he heard this.

However, Yang Ruolan tried her best to serve Na Risong properly, making him once again indulge in the unique tenderness of southern women, unable to extricate himself However, this night, some people fell asleep inadvertently. That is Yang Ruoqing and Luo Fengtang. It wasn t that the two of them were going to have sex because of their high firepower, but something else happened.Hey, your double sided tape is so well done, you can t offend both sides She gave him a look and said.

Understand Xiao Hei Yang Ruoqing suddenly thought of the nicknames of these two little guys, and couldn t help but pursed her lips and smiled.She said. Yang Ruoqing smiled faintly He will also have a good match that is destined for him, we don t Collagen Penis Growth need to worry about that.

Your uncle is a man who has nothing to do with the Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews world. This time he learned that I want to come to the south for a while, and he also agrees.Yan Huaian hurriedly said Don t blame the third child, this is what I mean. I m not alone here, but I ve also brought other distinguished guests.

At this time, there is no one else in the main room except Xiao Hua who is sweeping the floor. Xiaohua, go to the backyard and help Xiaoduo stay with Xiaoan, leave this place to me.Next, she said all the preventive measures that she could think of in her mind. During this process, Mu Zichuan had already taken out a pen and paper, and was quickly recording on the side.

Yang Huazhou grinned She has never done these things before. Let us be uncles in the past. She is afraid that people will laugh at her if she doesn t prepare the gifts well. No, no, it s very good Sun said again.If you don t look at the two ugly and hideous scars on the outside of his mask, ignore his weird voice that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Sun said Girl Lan, don t say that about yourself No Yang Ruolan shook her head. It s true, I m not filial, lazy, and have high eyes but low hands.There were only four of them in the main room, Yang Ruoqing naturally called rhino spark male enhancement amazon Granny Tuobaxian. Hearing the word mother in law, Tuobaxian showed a sincere smile on his face.

Na Risong was at a loss for words. Can he tell this woman that Yang Ruoqing is actually the team leader Na Risong thought about it, and decided to endure it.Mu Zichuan continued It s just that I don t know the price of this wage Yang Huazhong said I understand this. In the past, when the farm was slack before the separation of the family, I went to apply for a civilian husband twice.

Yang Ruoqing said, then took out a red envelope from under the pillow and handed it to Uncle Fu. Uncle Fu hurriedly waved his hand How can I accept Qinger s red envelope from you Yang Ruoqing smiled and said This Red Light Therapy Penis Growth is happy money, you must accept it, Uncle Fu, to make me happy On the side, Tuobaxian and Sun Shi were also there to persuade Uncle Fu to accept him.Yang Huamei handed over the twins to Shuan Ziniang and Wang Cuihua for help, and she also brought Wang Shuanzi to wear sackcloth and mourning.

The servant s name is Xiao Taohong Little Taohong, why are you so unruly On the side, Sister Hua suddenly scolded. Xiao Taohong shook her hands in fright, and quickly lowered her head.Maybe the husband himself, even Xiao Yaxue, didn t know it yet. No, no, no, before my husband realizes this, I must quickly hold my husband s favor firmly in my hands.

According to the usual rhythm, horses need to rest, and people also need to rest. The big guys made an agreement, let s treat this as a trip.Then Zhaoqing er said so, maybe that child really belongs to your second uncle Mrs. Sun also spoke out.

It Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews s safer to scan. Hearing his words, Yang Ruoqing nodded, picked up the bowl in her hand and was about to continue drinking.Mrs. Tan said angrily Then tell me in front of the big guys, can my Meier eat snake meat this As soon as Uncle Fu Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews opened his mouth, Mrs.

His body subconsciously moved back a little, lest he touch her swollen belly. Well, it s all vmax male enhancement reviews right. She smiled, and stroked the last wrinkle on his shoulder again. Go over and have a good conversation with Zi Chuan she said.What s the matter Tell me. In the future, when your body is fully grown and we can have babies, you can help me have two, will it work He asked.

It s too late today, I ll go and Vmax Male Enhancement Reviews have a look tomorrow morning. When Sister Hua heard it, she was very happy Okay, then vmax male enhancement reviews shall I come to pick you up at the inn tomorrow morning Or You don t need to globalengage.co.uk come and pick her up, you can just go to the amazing penis enlargements brothel and wait. Yang Ruoqing said. Okay, okay Sister Hua responded repeatedly. Yang Ruoqing then asked again Well, during your renovation period, some people should have taken the initiative, right Sister Hua was startled, then smiled.Under the any real male enhancement Easy Penis Growth light, those almond like eyes were full of water and expectation. Auntie, I really miss Brother Zichuan, and I really want to serve you.

All I know is that after he went to the medical clinics in the town and the county for two consecutive days, the medical clinics in the two places refused to accept him, and he went home to raise him.Yang Ruoqing nodded Okay, then let s go back to eat too The two returned to the hall. The men s table is already fighting for wine.

Tuobaxian smiled No, I ll pretend to be a merchant s wife. Let you, Uncle Yan and Na Risong, go together and dress up as a caravan.Even if it s reconciliation, it won t be reconciliation now. Nari Song is in trouble now. As his first wife, I can t leave at this time. When this crisis is over, I will fly solo she said.

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