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Conference Synopsis

Day 1 Stream 1
Digital PCR Strategies & Application Case Studies Clinical Applications
  • Introduction, benefits, future development of dPCR
  • Converting to dPCR from qPCR
  • Rare variation mutations
  • Oncology (monitoring therapy response, early relapse detection etc.)
  • dPCR and its effect on patient care
  • Panel Discussion: Experiment design & developing technologies
  • Applying dPCR in the clinic
  • Sensitivity and selection of data effects of increased technology sensitivity in the clinic
  • Absolute quantification - dPCR v classical standard curve based absolute quantification
  • mRNA detection through dPCR
  • Complimenting digital PCR with other technologies
    • Coupling digital PCR with NGS
    • Getting the most from technologies
    • Microfluidic tools to compliment dPCR
  • Copy number variation
Day 1 Stream 2
qPCR Strategies & Application Case Studies
  • MIQE guidelines & standardization compliancy and transparency
  • Quality control of qPCR assays
  • qPCR assay design, optimisation & validation
  • Pathogen detection and quantification
  • Sample preparation & quality control
  • Single cell qPCR analysis
  • qPCR uses in clinical trials & drug development
  • microRNA/ ncRNA / siRNA applications
  • Amplification curve analysis/Automated analysis of qPCR data
  • Challenges and new solutions for data analysis
Day 2 Stream 1
qPCR & Digital PCR Case Studies
  • Diagnostic / Companion diagnostic applications
  • qPCR/dPCR in diagnosis of neurological disorders
  • Single cell RNA-seq
  • Microbial diagnostics
  • Prenatal diagnosis
  • Forensics
  • microRNA/ncRNA/siRNA applications
  • RNA-seq
  • Infectious diseases
  • Vaccines/Infectious Diseases
  • Biomarkers/Validation
  • Molecular diagnostics
Day 2 Stream 2
Plant & Food Case Studies
  • qPCR in plant research
  • Plant/Ecology genomics
  • Detection and identification of plant pathogens
  • Gene expression analysis
  • qPCR in food research
  • Food safety
  • Genetically modified organism quantification in food

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Satellite Course
22-23 October

A brand new satellite training course has been added to the agenda.

Taught by the world renowned qPCR course provider TATAA Biocenter, this added training "MIQE- How to get good quality control in qPCR" will be held on the 2 days following the main congress.

For full details, click here

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