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The Pathologist is a must-read source for all specialists operating in the field, written by and for Pathologists covering topics in each issue to which provide educational and information content across each vertical of the profession including molecular diagnostics, biochemistry, histology, microbiology, immunology, haematology, and cytology. Each issue covers all aspects of the field, from research and technological breakthroughs to laboratory management and regulatory issues, the Pathologist gives a voice to the profession that is at the heart of delivering exceptional quality healthcare.

Tissuepathology.com was started in 2007 to educate and inform the pathology and laboratory community about digital pathology.  Since its inception, we strive to provide relevant news items, product information and commentary on issues of relevance to healthcare and the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine with an emphasis on technology, advances in digital pathology and research and development while keeping an ear to the ground for topics that fall “outside of the box”. A recent focus in addition to technology, pathology and industry advocacy is patient advocacy to insure proper use of technologies for improved diagnostics and clinical outcomes.

For over 45 years American Laboratory has been providing analytical chemists and life scientists with up-to-date information about equipment, instrumentation, and applications that they use in their
labs every day.

Scientific Malaysian (founded in July 2011) is an initiative to connect Malaysian scientific researchers across the world to discuss research issues in Malaysia, to promote collaboration and to establish network. By empowering Malaysian scientific researchers globally, we also aim to promote public understanding of science via our freely available online magazine:

Technology Networks has been established for over 10 years and is now the leading provider of free information services for life science professionals. This includes news, events, posters, videos, webcasts, application notes, new products, a literature search engine and product directories.  The information is specifically tailored to over 30 individual communities with specific interests, all of which can be accessed through TechnologyNetworks.com.

K BioSciences started in 2015 keeping in mind the needs of young aspirants from Bio-Technology and related subjects. Recent discoveries and inventions have made this Biosciences domain more appealing to the ever-growing pool of students, academics, professionals and even to the general public. K BioSciences runs World’s fastest growing Career and Educational Info Portal in the Biosciences domain. We offer you the ability to search through and register for various career opportunities (Ph.D. positions, Postdoc positions, Faculty positions, Scientist positions, Industry Jobs, and Group Leader positions) within the domain of Biosciences. Regularly visit us at http://kbiosciences.org/ and don’t miss any career opportunities in the Biosciences field. Through this portal, our primary goal will be to provide a platform that will help industry, academia and the general public to interact and reduce the knowledge gap. Shortly we will be spreading wings into ventures like News Article, K Biosciences TV and K Biosciences e-learning portal.

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