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Global Engage is proud to announce, as part of their drug discovery series of events, the Orphan Drugs, Collaborations & Market Access Congress, which will be held on September 29-30 in San Diego, USA.

Over the past several years orphan drugs research has seen huge investment, becoming one of the hottest fields of pharma research. Potential for profitability in small markets is tempting companies away from blockbuster drugs which are losing their market protection – and with orphan products offering up exclusivity and tax credits, the orphan drug market has grown to in excess of $50 billion. Now rich and competitive pipelines are being developed which could prove to hold the key to market recovery.

The congress will bring together investors and experts in the orphan drugs and rare disease space to share innovative research and best practice approaches in issues such as diagnosis, rare disease R&D, business collaboration and partnerships, market access, patient involvement, risk sharing, pricing and reimbursement. Through an expert speaker panel, interactive forums, a vibrant exhibition area, and a venture capital and funding strategy stream, the meeting hopes to create long-lasting partnerships and offer solutions that help to address both the 7,000 rare diseases afflicting patients and the financial implications of working in this field.

Over two days, the conference will examine topics on orphan drugs and rare diseases through four separate tracks covering the following areas:

Stream 1 -
Market Access - Rare Disease Strategy, Partnering, Financing
Stream 2 -
Orphan Drugs Case Studies
Stream 3 -
Emerging Therapies & New Technologies in Orphan Drugs
Stream 4 -
Regulation, Pricing & Reimbursement

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